Celebrating National Cask Ale Week

Palmers Brewery celebrates Cask Ale Week

Palmers Brewery in Bridport is celebrating National Cask Ale Week by sending all 54 of its pubs across Dorset, Somerset and Devon some speciality bread made with Palmers Tally Ho!

First brewed in 1949, Tally Ho! is a cult favourite with aficionados and has won many awards. Leakers Bakery have combined it with rye and white flour from Stoates Cann Mill in Shaftesbury. The aim was to create a loaf that will appeal to fans of real ale and real bread.

Perfect with a ploughman’s

The result is a sweet, strong-tasting, slightly nutty loaf that makes the perfect Dorset ploughman’s lunch.

Cleeves Palmer, sales and marketing director at Palmers Brewery, said: ‘Leakers have made a fantastic bread that goes brilliantly with cheese and of course a pint of Palmers. We hope our pubs will give customers the chance to sample the bread alongside our ale.’

Jemima Dasent of Leakers said: ‘There is a long history of brewers and bakers working together because we both use yeast and we’re really delighted to be baking with Palmers’ ale. Tally Ho!’s unique malty taste really shines through.’

Cask Ale Week runs from 28 September to 7 October. It is organised by Cask Marque to celebrate the rich variety of real ale available in British pubs. All Palmers’ pubs are Cask Marque accredited, showing their commitment to selling this unique handcrafted drink in top condition.

Try before you buy

As part of Cask Ale Week, Palmers pubs will be offering a ‘try before you buy’ chance to sample a taste of Palmers’ ale.

Cleeves explained: ‘We hope “try before you buy” will encourage people to take a sip or two and discover the joys of cask-conditioned real ale. This is a delight that is only available in pubs and not in the supermarket.’

Alternatively known as real beer, cask beer, real ale or cask conditioned beer, beer from the hand pump is a fresh, natural product full of flavour and character. It is one of the best tasting, most satisfying drinks in the world when served in good condition.

Cask ale is made from four wholesome ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. It is fermented twice, once at the brewery and once in the pub cellar. It requires care and skill to manage this process correctly. The result is live and special, bursting with flavour and aroma.

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