Palmers Brewery launch new fund for good causes

Palmers Brewery launch new fund for good causes

Palmers Brewery are launching a new fund to support good causes within a 10-mile range of Bridport.

Local charities and community initiatives in Bridport, Lyme Regis, Beaminster and surrounding villages will be able to apply for cash and awards which will be made twice a year.

‘We’ve long supported local good causes and this new fund enables Palmers to spread our help more widely in the community,’ explained John Palmer, chairman of Palmers Brewery.

‘We will be opening the fund this year with a donation of £10,000,’ he added.

Community support

Palmers are planning to raise additional income for the fund from a rent from Bridport Leisure Centre, which is currently under discussion.

Mr Palmer explained: ‘In 1984 our gift of land enabled the Sports Trust to build Bridport Leisure Centre. In today’s money that gift would be worth around £3M. We have let further land to the leisure centre for a peppercorn rent on a long lease. The highly favourable terms of that lease have enabled the Trust to access grants that have helped its development hugely.

‘That lease now has just over 20 years left to run. Once it goes under 20 years it’s harder for the trust to access grants. So the trust has asked Palmers for a renewal now. We have been working with the trust committee to renew on good terms and charge a rent. The rent will underpin the new fund and enable us to support other causes in the community as well as sport,’ he added.

The full details of the Palmers’ fund are still being formalised, but the brewery plans to launch it this spring. Details of how to apply for the fund will be available on the Palmers’ website.

Palmers have a long record of charity support. In the last three years alone they have given nearly £40,000 to the RNLI, Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance and the Chesil Trust.

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